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MigraneGirl_RGB__72342.1357786454.190.285Cefaly Headband for drug-free migraine relief

Not only is Cefaly a drug-free method for treating pain, this migraine treatment can also prevent headaches from ever coming on.

Cefaly Headband treats migraine pain with neuro-stimulation. Headache relief starts at the nerve centre, working on the trigeminal nerve where migraines start.

This patented treatment offers real relief of migraines with an efficient nerve stimulation approach. This is your migraine relief technology in a comfortable, ergonomic and simple-to-use medical device.


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ALSENSE™ is the only home screen test available in Australia that can help you know if a fluid leak during pregnancy is more likely amniotic fluid or urine.

Using the test is as simple as wearing a panty liner – in fact, the test is a panty liner, created to detect amniotic fluid by testing the pH (acidity level) of a leak.

Combination of the chemical formulation and panty liner composition reduces interference from urine. If you leak amniotic fluid, this panty liner will react: part of it will turn blue-green. The stain can be in any size, any shape, and appear anywhere on the yellow background of the liner.


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